Lighting Revolution

P-layer: Master Your Light

Discover our dynamic, self-powered, photovoltaic device that offers unparalleled versatility. Adaptable to numerous applications, our device gives you control over solar radiation or any other light source.

Revolutionize your glazing system with our cutting-edge solutions. Upgrade performance, efficiency, and aesthetics.

Your Benefits

Why Choose P-layer?

P-layer offers unprecedented light control with its adaptive modulation.

Autonomous, our technology doesn't need power supply, and its ability to vary intensity based on your needs creates a tailor-made experience for each user.

Endless Applications

Explore the Possibilities

P-layer is not just tinted glass. It's an innovative solution for transportation, buildings, agricultural greenhouses, protection of light-sensitive devices and sensors. Wherever you need to modulate light, P-layer is there for you.


Enhance travel experience.

Advanced Buildings

Improve energy efficiency.

Smart Agriculture

Optimize plant growth.

Sensor Safety

Protect photosensitive sensors

Superior Protection

Anti laser beam.

Tailored colour

From neutral to colourful.

Who We Are

Meet the P-layer Team

Behind P-layer stands Sadiara FALL, the founder.

At the heart of P-layer lies a team united by their love for innovation, open-mindedness, multiculturalism, and customer satisfaction.

Their shared passion fuels a dynamic collaboration, where creativity thrives, and fresh ideas flourish.

Our Partners

Our Partners and the Incubator

P-layer is proud to work with a diverse range of partners and a renowned incubator.

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